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Book Club

Book Club order forms have been sent home. All orders to be done online through Scholastic LOOP.

Orders Close Wednesday 8th June. 

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Confirmation- Thursday 30th June, from 5:30pm at St Mary’s Church, Maclean.

Reconciliation- Wednesday 24th August, 11:40am in school hall.

First Holy Communion- Saturday 27th August, 5:30pm at St James Church, Yamba

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Sport Dates 2022

Cross Country

-Dio - Grafton, Tuesday 24th May

-Polding - Tuesday 7th June


-School - Yamba, Friday 24th June

-Zone - Coffs Harbour, Wednesday 20th July

-Dio - Lismore, Friday 12th August

-Polding - Newcastle, Friday 9th September

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Stage 3

Geography: This week in Geography we have been learning about trade and how it has been affected through the last 4 years. We also have been looking at who Australia's trading with and why, as well as looking at who Australia exchanges with the most and ranking the top ten countries Australia has exchanged and interchanged with.

Sport: In sport we have been playing Rugby Union with ex-Waratahs players teaching us skills and non-contact ways to play Rugby. We have been playing under the Big Top, as well as playing dodgeball and other favourite Stage 3 activities. We will be cheering on our Dio cross country runners on May 24th - Good luck!

Religion: In Religion we are making presentations about different prayer types and the prayers significance. We are making a tutorial explaining how to perform different types of prayers through videos, posters, etc. The students have been partnered and will perform and present these tutorials, the best videos will be presented to the class. The different prayer types that have been chosen are Meditation, Dadirri, Visio Divina and the Rosary. 

Maths: This week in Maths we have been learning about 3D shapes with Mrs Petersen and Miss Haines. We also have been learning about multiplication and division with Mrs Howland and Miss Haines. There are many different strategies and ways to multiply big numbers, we also have been learning formal algorithms in class.

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Stage 2

Look out parents… This week in Stage 2 we began listening to podcasts. This week’s topic was ‘How to Win an Argument with Your Parents’. We learned about arguing in healthy ways versus fighting. During the podcast we listened to the most common ways people go wrong when arguing. Finally, we learned strategies for effective ways to get your point across.

Here are some of the things Stage 2 thought were interesting from the Podcast:

*Anybody can win an argument if they think about themselves and the other person’s ideas too - Siaan

* Arguing equally mean that both people get their way a little bit - Zoe

* A strategy to use is to research stuff about the pet or whatever you want to get, so when you tell your parents about it they will think that you are becoming more responsible - Harlan

* It’s good to have arguments because it helps you to know the person better and you’re always going to disagree about things- Myla

* If we never argue life would be pretty boring, so we have to learn how to argue in a good way - Jake

* Arguments can end up as a fight if you don't have them the right way. You have to listen as well as talk - Heath

*You should not call people names like "You're the meanest dad ever!" because it will hurt their feelings and it won’t help - Jensen

* The popularity strategy doesn’t work, just because lots of people thought the world was flat, doesn't mean it is - Rhaya

After our discussion, we did some role playing. We acted out some arguments using both effective and ineffective strategies. 

It will be interesting to hear some feedback to see if this helps us with our communication at home!

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Stage 1

This week in Stage 1 during English we continued to learn about non-fiction texts. We have spent the week learning about the features of an informative text (headings, sub-heading, photos, diagrams) and used non-fiction texts from our school library to identify the features and record facts about a specific animal. Students are really enjoying this unit and are looking forward to creating their own information report next week about an animal of their choice!

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We are very excited that ES1 have TWO new dramatic play spaces in our Investigation areas. Recently, students have expressed a fascination with Australia Zoo and WIRES native wildlife rescue. At the zoo, students have been drawing maps and building a new environment for the 3 big crocs in the sandpit! At WIRES, they have been busy taking phone calls, bandaging koalas, looking at x-rays and using the stethoscopes. Check out some of our action photos….

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LOP News

Maths fun with your children 

You will need to think like a mathematician to solve the following problems and find multiple solutions. Have a go at these with your children and bring in your answers to share with Mrs Dougherty.

You may need to use concrete materials such as blocks, pasta shapes, beans or straws to help solve.

Have Fun.

Lisa Dougherty

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Dear Parents and Carers

The weeks are flying by with the term approaching the half way point. 

Another return to our normal routine has taken place. The Stage 3 children Willow and Dusty joined Mrs Jeffrey ( who stepped in for Mrs Howland today) at the 100.3FM to resume our Saint James Radio Show. This has been in limbo for the past 2 years. Make sure you tune in on Fridays at  11am- 12pm and ring in with a song request. When I came to Saint James and Christine was so excited by the radio show I was not sure what the fuss was about.   Having been with the children on several occassions, I am convinced of the worth of the experience.  In fact if the other staff are unavailable I am keen to go. The work in preparation that the students do and the public speaking that is required is a fabulous real world application of our curriculum. Sit in a classroom and learn about writing scripts or go the the radio station with your script? ...  I know which one I would rather!

This week our staff have worked with Professor Peter Sullivan on the operations strand in mathematics and lesson preparation and assessments. For the past 2 years we have worked online with Peter using our data to plan support and create rigour in the mathematics block.  It has been wonderful to have Peter on site finally!

Good Luck to our Cross Country runners on Tuesday who are competing at Dio level.

Have a lovely wekend


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What is On?

Tuesday 24th May - Dio Cross Country 

Friday 27th  May - School Awards Assembly

Tuesday 31st May - Wear Red for 65 Roses Day - gold coin donation

 Wednesday 1st June - Incitare Year 6 Retreat

Tuesday 7th June - Polding Cross Country

Friday 24th June - School Athletics Carnival

Thursday 30th June - Confirmation - Maclean

Thursday 30th June - Last day term 2 for students

Friday 1st July - Staff Development Day - Pupil Free Day- Foundation Professional Development

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RE News

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Canteen Supervisor Position

This position is currently advertised on the Catholic Schools website under the employment tab and closes the end of next week. 

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Happening Today...

You can see from these photos that we have a Sporting Schools Grant active again. Today we begin a 4 week program with Rugby Australia funded by the Federal Government. This means that your children have access to world class coaching in a sport which they may or may not had considered and the opportunity to develop transferable skills. Why Rugby? because Rugby Australia has developed and offered a program under the sporting schools banner. Without this support we would not have access to this opportunity or would need to charge on a user pays basis. It is lovely to have Sporting Schools Grant active again and to have access to these coaches.

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Dear Parents and Carers

Week 3 has seen a change at Saint James. It has been lovely to have families back on site with us once more.  We have noticed that we have a quicker Kiss and Drop this week as families once more have their "bearings" and are coming on site. A lovely result of the big week last week.

The children in Stage 2 and 3 have been busy completing NAPLAN this week with the online delivery proving successful. I have been hearing that in QLD there were outages everywhere and I am relieved that this is not the case with us. I have memories of the first online delivery, perhaps 4 years ago. I was in Sydney at a conference and the system kept failing in our school. I am glad the system is working better now. 

I was asked this week about this importance of NAPLAN. We make absolutely no fuss about the process. This is a point-in-time opportunity to see where our children are against our school and diocesan data and to reflect on our work and delivered curriculum. We do the mandated preparation but certainly do not "teach to the test". How important is NAPLAN? As a system and school it is very important for us to plan future directions and needs within our school. We "triangulate the data" ( consider at least 3 assessment tools ) to help us with professional discussions regarding learning and this helps us plan our support and interventions. It also is one data element of our School Annual Plan development. The same conversation came up with an ES1 enrolment this week regarding Beststart. This is also a point-in-time data gathering exercise to establish the starting points for learning with each new enrolment. The question was "What do they need to know and be able to do before school starts?" and our answer is "We start from where the children are at." 

This is the whole point of our PLT ( Professional Learning Team) meetings each week and why this has become the most valued hour (by the staff) to collaboratively consider data and develop learning cycles to respond to recognised or developing needs. 

Have a lovely weekend


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Mrs Amy Imeson - 15th May, Ayva Hollington - 23rd May, Joseph Dillon - 24th May, Arabella Dendle - 31st May

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Stage 3


This week Year 5 students have been sitting the NAPLAN tests. NAPLAN stands for The National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy and it is a test that every student in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 sit, all around Australia! On Tuesday Year 5 completed the Writing test, on Wednesday the Read and Conventions of Language (spelling, grammar, etc), and on Thursday the Numeracy test. They did so well, we are really proud of them!


Sadly, the Stage 3 Radio Show has had to be delayed starting this week - fingers crossed we get Dusty and Willow B on the air next week, May 20th! They’ll be taking song requests and sharing news from around the school, so make sure you tune into 100.3FM, from 11am-12pm, or ring up and request a song on 6646 1100


Last week we started our Buddies sessions with Kindy! Every Friday at 1pm we will come together to chat, play and learn. Last week we showed our Buddies our classroom, and they showed us theirs, as well as their very special RE storytelling boxes.

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Stage 2

This week was all about NAPLAN for our Year 3 students. These children worked beautifully through 4 tests over three days. We completed a writing test, reading test, language conventions test, and wrapped it all up with a maths test. These guys might deserve an extra treat over the weekend for their hard work!

Meanwhile, Year 4 were busy in the library completing creative writing activities. Check them out hard at work creating cartoons and stop-motion stories.

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Stage 1

It has been another busy week here in Stage 1. In maths we have been looking at place value. We have been looking at 2 digit and 3 digit numbers in particular but we were excited to investigate 4 digit numbers too! In English we have been learning how to research facts about a particular topic and then write the fact in our own words. Students are very excited about creating their own information report in the coming weeks based on a topic of their choice! We will be using websites to research our topic including Kids National Geographic and BTN!

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This term in ES1 students are learning all about the weather in Science and Technology. This unit focuses on how daily and seasonal changes affect ourselves and the environment. During Investigations our Reporter and Photographer have been recording and collecting data and reporting on the daily weather. The water in the rain gauge and the temperature on the thermometer are checked. Students have noted that the cooler weather means we are starting to wear our jumpers to school and that we aren’t swimming at the beach and the pool as frequently. Chase wanted to know if the temperature goes down when you stand in cooler places like under the big top, so he went on tour with the thermometer. Please ask us to give you an update on the daily weather!

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