Anggailya (The Calling)

We were very excited today to receive our beautiful commissioned painting from renowned Yaegl artist, Frances Belle-Parker. Frances is a proud Yaegl woman, painter and installation artist from Maclean. She is deeply inspired by her Yaegl indigenous heritage. Frances was recently showcased at the Sydney Opera House, where her painting lit up the Sydney Opera House on Australia Day.

We contacted Frances earlier this year, to commission her to paint an artwork depicting the story of when Jesus calls the first disciples, including James the fisherman (Luke 5:1-1). This artwork will be displayed in our front school foyer and be part of our 'welcome to St James' display that clearly identifies who we are as a Catholic school in Yamba and also tells our story and history as a school.

Last year was the beginning of a 3 year journey as a school, where we worked on developing an understanding of who St James, the apostle was and began building our Catholic formation and identity. This display and artwork we feel, is the next step in this formation journey. We are overjoyed to receive this painting, which will be a wonderful way to display Aboriginal Spirituality and our Catholic Faith through art of the story of St James.   

Renee Howland

Leader of Catechesis and School Mission