Pastoral Care/Student Wellbeing

Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Lismore have a strong focus on the wellbeing of all students. Our students are at the heart of our endeavours to promote physical, social, emotional, psychological, intellectual, cultural and spiritual wellness. The actions within the school to enhance positive wellbeing outcomes are called Pastoral Care.

Pastoral Care is embedded in school policies and practices with the aim of enhancing student wellbeing and is based on the dignity of each student. Catholic schools acknowledge that each student experiences life uniquely and so requires a different expression of care.

Positive wellbeing is achieved through:

  • a whole-school approach including support for all students and targeted intervention;
  • accompanying students through their spiritual growth;
  • providing a rich, engaging curriculum with high levels of student participation;
  • promoting positive relationships (teacher-student, student-peer);
  • providing safe and supportive school environments;
  • actively promoting opportunities for students to engage in school life; and
  • collaborative partnerships with families.