Ann Dawson Principal
Lisa Dougherty Leader of Pedagogy/ Assistant Principal
Renee Howland Leader of SEACS / High Potential Learning
Martin Dougherty Sport Coordinator/ CO2
Susanne Smith Administration  
Meghan Haines Early Stage 1
Rachelle Smith and April Ferguson  Stage 1
Martin Dougherty, Shaina Ford and Rachel Imeson Stage 2
Natasha Hancock, Renee Howland and Alanna Petersen Stage 3
Pam Hollington and Anne Maree Lewis Release from Face to Face
Ella Mooney Student Support 
Susan Frazer IEW
Amie Cole Inclusion Manager
Anne Maree Lewis EMU Intervention
Amie Imeson, Bronwyn Towner, Julie Malley and Kerrie O’Halloran Inclusion staff
Amy Imeson Library Manager
Canteen Manager 
Kelly Commerford Administration Support
Peter Smith Grounds and Maintenance